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Leave your worries behind,Now it's time to start your journey with Ezee Dairy and match your step with innovative current technology.

Delivering ezee ways to do your dairying

Ezee Dairy provides you an all in one dairy solution which is based on Cattle to Customer Model. A solution which will give you a roadmap in moving towards making smile on your customer's, employee and your own face to handle all the Dairy Operations.

Amazing Features

Cattle Management

This is one of its kind unique module that helps to manage multiple categories of cattle like Cow, Buffalo, Goat, Camel etc. It enables you to identify the cattle by type, gender, age, breed, parentage etc. Dairy farmers can maintain multiple data related to cattle like milking history (day/ shift wise), purchase/sale details, health info, vaccination history etc.

Product Management

Maintain all your dairy products with its current stock, stock history, pricing with its particular customer pricing etc. Milk stock is auto updated with every milk collection and all products are auto updated with all types of sales

Delivery Management

Dairy farmer and customer as well can place/update/delete customer orders with the help of a web and mobile app easily and the product will be delivered on scheduled date as per auto scheduler feature of Ezee Dairy

Employee Management

Role wise employee features for dairy management, making employee tasks easy with seamless milk collection, convenient & user friendly product delivery system, efficient inventory management with great cattle management system and secure payment collection

Customer Management

Customer info like address, contact no, delivery location geo tagging, favourite products, product subscription, product pricing, online payment system, pre-order through app helps in seamless customer management. Customer invoices are auto generated and shared with customers on android app

Dairy Management

Dairy farmers can setup their complete dairy profile like Dairy details, complete dairy cattle profiles, employee profile setup as per their roles, customer registration and related info, product management including pricing, efficient delivery configuration, vendors & their product, dairy online payment configuration, inventory details & its setup and other dairy related setup.

About Ezee Dairy

The dairy industry is one of the essential industries in the development of our country. The Indian Economy is also benefited by Dairy Industries but it is observed in the past couple of years that some of the dairy industries have taken a back footstep because they have faced obstacles in managing their dairy functions. Through its ERP, Ezee Dairy has provided the primary solutions to the problems that the dairy owner has to face while operating their dairy traditionally. Ezee Dairy is a Dairy Management App that helps dairy owners to manage their dairies efficiently. It is exclusively designed and developed for people who own medium and large size dairies and supply milk and dairy products to their customers.

Ezee Dairy has a feature rich web app for dairy owners and an android app for dairy owner, employees and customers. App has been meticulously designed to help the dairy owner in various aspects of running a dairy smoothly which are traditionally hard to manage otherwise. It also helps the employees working in dairy in milk collection and product delivery immensely and dairy customers in managing their received deliveries, balance and dairy orders.

Benefits of Ezee Dairy
Make your business under your control

Web Application

  • Dashboard

    Dashboard gives complete current summary of dairy

    No. of cattle, milking cattle, customers, employees etc

    Pending/upcoming orders

    Customer’s current over dues, payments

    Current milk collection from cattle and vendors

    Current stock and products scheduled for delivery

    Other useful current dairy information and alerts

  • Customers

    Customer information like name, mobile no, address, delivery geo location, email etc is maintained.

    Pricing for every customer for every product can be set separately along with delivery charges

    Subscription for various products for every customer is created day and shift wise

    Customer payment module and payment history

    Orders can be pre-booked upon approval by dairy

    Customer invoices are auto generated and shared with customers on android app

  • Vendor Management

    Vendors are easily maintained along with their profiles

    Products that are procured from vendors are marked favourite and their pricing is set

    Detailed info for all the product collection from vendors is saved

    Product collection from vendor module helps in easy product procurement & management

    Vendor payments and related history helps in tracking payment system

    Dairy vendor profile is maintained along with pricing of the products that they supply for easy vendor management

  • Employee Management

    In Ezee Dairy you can easily share your workload by assigning the different roles to employee likewise Delivery boy , Milking Man , Supervisor

    Supervisor role is assigned to someone who can manage your complete dairy activities and would have access to almost all the modules on Ezee Dairy

    Milk collection entry from cattle and vendors is conveniently done using android app otherwise through web app as well thus reducing dairy owner’s workload

    You don't need to worry about the product deliveries as they are auto scheduled through the app and assigned to relevant delivery agents who would know the products to be delivered through the app. You simply need to relax and monitor the activities on your app

  • Product And Payment Management

    Dairy products can be added from a comprehensive predefined list of dairy products

    Other products like vegetables, fruits etc can also be added to enhance the product line

    Product pricing and current stock can be maintained

    Detailed product stock history will all recent transactions is available for viewing

    Secured online payment system and payment notification through SMS.

    Secure payment collection methodology with OTP feature for confirmation.


Android Application

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  • Our Plan

    Available Fetaures
    • Customer Section
    • Milk Collection
    • Product Management
    • Vendor Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Employee Management
    • Retail Store Sale Module
    • Auto Invoice Generator
    • Dairy & Cattle Setup Module
    • Payment And Finance Section
    • Cattle Sale/Purchase Platform
    • Smart Delivery System
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